Our mission will be to develop and grow our company profitably through service and quality levels never before reached in the subcontractor's field. We will operate within a family atmosphere, utilizing prudent business judgment and focused approach for the entire organization.

  1. The company will grow through focused strategy that calls for greater emphasis on "ON TIME", "QUALITY", and sound relationships. Customers with consigned material are a major consideration.
  2. As we grow, greater emphasis on adding equipment to be a key player in the SMT arena is only a matter of time. We should strive for a minimum of 15%-20% market share growth annually. We must at all cost create a buying/service environment for the customer.
  3. We will establish partnerships with key customers/distributors utilizing annual contracts, cosigned material, and JIT programs. This can only be accomplished with superior service.
  4. Strengthen relationships with key customers/suppliers through personal visits on a regular basis. Become a valued subcontractor through growth each year with a prudent strategy to which they can relate.
  5. Develop a measurement system to evaluate each customer as to their contribution to the bottom line . Educate the losers or get rid of them nicely. If we do not eliminate the losers they will delete all the profits.
  6. The entire building should be a quality showcase at prudent expenses. Customers should be encouraged to visit the facility. This is a form of marketing that can pay back great dividends.


  1. Recognize a market need and the ability to develop a service to satisfy that need.
  2. The changes for success are enhanced because the market that we are going after is not adequately fulfilled. We need to be different from the norm in superior service and strategy that separates our company. The world, country, and our business are changing rapidly and we too must change in order to sustain continued growth.
  3. Companies fail because they failed to define a niche or abandon theirs.